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Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. UniFox presents a complete crypto ecosystem (with 4 working products) to help the adoption of blockchain technology in…
50usd/1m USD
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Any creative field is full of challenges and music industry is no different. The music industry is difficult to navigate, which makes…
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The KNOX project provides an establishment of the first insurance company that will merge the real world with the digital one using…
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Hubezoo is the internetwork of the future. The new technology introduces a single smart platform for search, social media and e-commerce. The…
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The ICOs are getting stuck up in the regulatory swampland, leading to delay in timelines, repaying investors, and skipping ICOs entirely. The…
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GigTricks is a diversified ecosystem that has envisioned a future where global recession will be extinct by leveraging the rapid growth of…
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Boltt is a quick fix worker and one that improves the customer’s health by intensively motivating them to consider their health notifications,…
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The e-commerce industry has come a long way. From a time when completing a purchase process online took double-digit steps to today…
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W12 Platform

W12 is a new generation platform for a secure ICO in which investors gain full control over the funds raised by projects.…
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ENDO Protocol

ENDO is a Protocol that solves the problem of certified information tracking and encrypted data storage. The ENDO ecosystem allows organizations and…
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AIRSTAYZ is an existing platform, pioneering the blockchain travel sector with the release of STAY, an ERC233 token. The tokens of AIRSTAYZ…
TBD / $24,000,000
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